What is a Thallium Scan?

This test usually looks at how extensive the damage to your heart muscle is (eg. After a heart attack). It looks at blood flow to your heart muscle and whether it is still working or being replaced by scar tissue.

How do I prepare for a Thallium Scan?

There are no preparations for this test, you can eat and drink as per normal.

What happens during a Thallium Scan?

You will be asked to arrive in the morning for an injection of radioactive tracer. We will then take some pictures for about 1hr. We will then ask you to leave the practice and come back in the afternoon for some pictures which will take 45mins. You will then be asked to return the next day for some more pictures in the morning which will take 45mins.

Are there any after effects of a Thallium Scan?


How long does a Thallium Scan take?

The first part is 1hr, the second part is 45mins and the third part is also 45mins. You will be able to do everything as per normal in between these components.

When can I expect the results of my Thallium Scan?

Results are usually ready the next day.

Will there be any fees involved?

No, all our scans are bulk billed.

Please contact us with any questions you have.

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