What is a Lymphoscintigraphy Study?

This scan is used to diagnose any abnormalities in your lymph nodes. The most common reason for this test is for suspected lymphoedema (swelling of your arms or legs caused by a blockage in the lymph nodes).

How do I prepare for a Lymphoscintigraphy Study?

There are no preparations.

What happens during a Lymphoscintigraphy Study?

During this test, we will be giving you 4 small injections (2 on each side of your feet or hands depending on the location of the swelling). This injection is given in the webbing of your hands between your fingers or webbing of your feet between your toes. These injections are given simultaneously and images are taken at 10 minutes after the injections, at 1 hour and at 3 hours after the injections. These pictures take about 25 minutes each. During the breaks in-between these pictures you can leave the Practice. There is no restriction in terms of activity or food during these breaks.

Are there any side effects of a Lymphoscintigraphy Study?


How long does a Lymphoscintigraphy Study take?

This test is done over several hours with intervals in-between. Please allow up to 6 hours of your day for this test.

When can I expect the results of my Lymphoscintigraphy Study?

Results will usually be ready within 2 days. Our reception staff will let you know when making your booking.

Will there be any fees involved?

No, all our scans are bulk billed.

Please contact us with any questions you have.

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