What is a Gastric Emptying Study?

A gastric emptying study is used to diagnose Gastroparesis (slow movement of food passing through your stomach after eating).

How do I prepare for a Gastric Emptying Study?

Fasting from midnight and stopping any medications that help with gastric emptying. Please also let us know if you have had any Endoscopies or Colonoscopies in the last 4 weeks of your appointment date as we will need to delay your scan date accordingly. Please bring along any previous scans of your abdomen.

What happens during a Gastric Emptying Study?

During a gastric emptying study, you will be asked to eat a scrambled egg meal which will contain a small amount of radioactive tracer. You will then be asked to lay down on the scan bed and we will take a 1-minute picture. You will then be asked to return every hour to take a 1-minute picture for up to 4 hours.

Are there any side effects of a Gastric Emptying Study?


How long does a Gastric Emptying Study take?

4 hours

When can I expect the results of my Gastric Emptying Study?

Results usually take 24 hours (unless advised otherwise by out technologist or doctor on duty).

Will there be any fees involved?

No, all our scans are bulk billed.

Please contact us with any questions you have.

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