Thyroid Scan

Thyroid scan is a non-invasive and simple way of testing your thyroid gland to see its size and shape and its thyroid hormone productivity by the thyroid tissue.

The Procedure

Upon your arrival, you will be given a small amount of radioactive tracer injection in your arm. You will then be asked to wait for 20 minutes for the radioactive tracer to be taken up by the thyroid gland.

You will then be asked to lie down on a scanning bed with your head straight and slightly tilted backwards to reveal your neck region. The camera will be placed above your neck and images will be taken for 20-30 minutes. While the images are taken, you will be told to keep still.

Side Effect

There are usually no side effects.

Please advise the Nuclear Medicine Technologist if you are pregnant or breast feeding, or unsure of your pregnancy status before commencing the procedure.

Patient Preparation

For the accuracy of the test, you may be asked to stop taking your thyroid medication for a week prior to your appointment. It will be explained when you make your booking.

For the accuracy of the test, you will also be asked whether you have had any CT / CAT scans with contrast injections prior to your thyroid scan. It may alter the scan result and therefore, please advise us if you have had one in the recent time.

What to bring

Please bring your referral from your GP or specialist, Medicare Card, and your ultrasound image or CT scans if you have any.


You should wear comfortable clothing. We may ask you to remove metallic objects.