Cerebral Perfusion Scan

A brain scan allows an assessment of brain function.

The Procedure

Upon your arrival, the Nuclear Medicine Technologist will put a cannula into your vein. You then rest lying down on a bed for 45 minutes in a quiet room. This resting period allows you to relax so that your brain function is not affected by noise, lighting, movement and talking. At 45 minute, the Technologist will give you a radioactive tracer injection through the cannula. Please do not talk to the Technologist when you are having the injection as talking may affect the scan appearances. After the injection, you stay in the room for a further 45 minutes until the Technologist takes you to the scanning room.

Side Effects

There are usually no side effects.

Please advise the Nuclear Medicine Technologist if you are pregnant or breast feeding, or unsure of your pregnancy status before commencing the procedure.

Patient Preparation


What to bring

Please bring your referral from your GP or specialist, Medicare Card, and previous scans in particular relating to your brain.


You should wear comfortable clothing.


There is NO restriction on food and drink intake prior to or after the scan.